‚ÄčGeneral Interest: parenting, crafts, recipes,etc:

  • Family Fun magazine: great kids crafts, costumes, recipes, parenting, and more. http://familyfun.go.com/
  • Disney family website: recipes, crafts, printables, parties, parenting, vacations and more. http://family.go.com/

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  • Scholastic.com: lots of education, school help for kids and parents. http://www.scholastic.com/parents/school-help/
  • Math.com:  online math from basic math to calculus, teaching, practice, games. http://math.com/
  • Khan Academy: Online SAT help and prep along with great resources for all manners of school classes. https://www.khanacademy.org/










Diet and Nutrition Sites:

  • My plate: USDA website with lots of great nutrition and dietary advice, recommendations for diet at all ages, calculators for tracking BMI, calories, exercise. http://www.choosemyplate.gov/
  •  Healthy Kids.org: Source of parenting and health information. https://www.healthykids.org/

General References:

  • American Academy of Pediatrics: This is the national professional organization for pediatricians.  It's a great all around reference site.  There is no questionable or controversial information here. www.aap.org
  • Centers for Disease Control: Contains a wealth of information about health and disease including disease outbreaks, vaccine recommendations, and public health information.  www.cdc.gov
  • Mayo Clinic: Excellent resource for pediatric and adult health information.  It has an A to Z disease search database with information about diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disease. www.mayoclinic.com
  • The Bad Bug Book: Great resource for food-borne illnesses and how to prevent them.   http://www.fda.gov/Food/FoodborneIllnessContaminants/CausesOfIllnessBadBugBook/default.htm
  • Healthy Kids.org- Source of parenting and health information. https://www.healthykids.org/



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